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Welcome to the blog for willpower, a new energy storage and green fuel initiative!


Who we are. Willpower is a start-up based in Rostock, Germany, interested in ending European dependency on fossil fuels, endorsing energy autonomy for private users and creating green solutions to the problems of energy storage and fuel generation.

A spin-off of parent company Gensoric GmbH, willpower brings years of excellence, patent protected knowledge and a staff with over 50 years of accumulated working experience in Engineering, Software Development, Business Development and Management and more.

What we do. We harness the power of methanol to use for energy storage and fuel. CO2 captured from the air is converted to methanol through an electro-biocatalytical process. The methanol can be used to store excess energy produced from renewable energy sources, such as a wind turbine or solar panels, or it can be burned right away to heat your home. This process is carried out in a reactor small enough to fit in your basement so you no longer have to be tied to a central gas supplier.

What we value. Our values guide our work. We want independence for Europe from fossil fuels and for the individual consumer from centralized power and the grid. Autonomy: with the willpower system you can transform from consumer to prosumer and generate your own fuel at home and store any excess energy to be used during the winter. CO2-neutrality: our system removes CO2 from the atmosphere and converts it into a fuel only using green enzymes, water and electricity. Affordability: we know that cost can be a huge barrier to green energy, so one of our biggest goals in implementing our system is ensuring that is competitively priced with other solutions, including gas and storage batteries. Efficiency: energy stored in the form of methanol  can be kept for a much longer time (weeks or even months) than energy stored in conventional batteries (a few days); conventional batteries are also drained after one energy-intensive use, such as a load of laundry, whereas willpower generates enough methanol at once to power your home for weeks.

Our current status. Currently we are working on optimizing our system. We have a working demonstrator and we are working on scaling it up to full size and optimizing our CO2 capture system and enzyme efficiency. Strategic partners and investors like Fraunhofer and Innoveas are helping this dream become reality.

Interested? If you or your company is interested in joining the willpower team as a strategic partner or an investor, of if you simply want to learn more about the way our system works, please reach out to our team any member of our team or send an email to wichtige-kontakte (at) willpower-energy.de. You can also follow this page for future blog entries or follow us on our social media accounts for the latest updates (Twitter: (), Facebook: (), LinkedIn: ()).

We look forward to hearing from you!

(JeKa - 01.06.2016)


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726539.