Warm welcome to our new colleagues Mithma and Alexia!


Since June we have been supported by two new technical employees. We were able to win Mithma (23) from Sri Lanka and Alexia (23) from Brazil. They support willpower-energy in the chemical and process engineering sector.

The first weeks have passed and we asked both about the first impression of Germany, Rostock and the work at Gensoric.


Alexia und Mithma im Labor

On my first day I was quite nervous. I was introduced to the whole team and I learned a lot about the different projects. It was interesting to get to know all the details about willpower-energy and see how the project progresses and develops step by step.

In the beginning I had many questions. However, in the following days I got a lot of insights and answers to my questions and I was able to settle in.

My first task was to research about methanol synthesis. I have also read about various catalysts used in the conversion of CO2 into methanol. This is not only good knowledge for the project, but also helps me understand the company, the system and the technology behind it.

A special highlight is also the lunch break. Every day the team shows me something from German culture. It is always a casual round, where much is talked and laughed.

Outside of the work I have the chance to explore Rostock and get to know the German culture. I have already met a lot of people and every week I make a new experience. We had a barbecue with delicious food and good music. We were also bowling, although I lost, it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to my revenge.

With Alexia, the other chemist from Brazil, I often practice German. We learn common German phrases and practice them with our German friends or in the lunch break with our colleagues. Together, we were on a summer party at the beach in Warnemünde and had a lot of fun with the students of the University of Rostock.

That's all happened in my first month and I'm glad to have the chance to gain all these experiences! I look forward to the further adventures that will come in the next weeks.


My first impression of Rostock was a lot of rain! I arrived on a gray and cold Friday and it rained all weekend. The family I live with told me that the weather in Rostock is often rather wet and windy. So firstly I invested in a raincoat and wind jacket.

On my first day I met some of my colleagues, as Christoph, Martin and Nadine were still by the pilot plant in Essen. I was introduced to Gensoric and the projects and I was able to get a good overview of willpower-energy. The idea behind willpower-energy is totally fascinating and innovative. I am delighted to work with the team on the project in the coming months.

With Mithma, my Sri Lankan colleague, I have done a lot of research on enzymes, the methanol market and various technologies. We were integrated directly into the workplace and were also at the laboratory working on the electrodes. We have tried various concepts to investigate the approach to improve the performance of the electrodes and enzymes. It is incredibly exciting to see how different factors change the behavior of the electrodes.

Beyond of Gensoric I have also made many new friendships. We always do a lot of activities in the city or on the beach. Also with my guest family I have already done a lot. One of my unforgettable moments in the first weeks was a beach day with my host family. It was a warm and sunny day in Warnemünde. We were able to sunbath and I could swim in the Baltic Sea for the first time!


Mittagspause am Strand in Warnemünde
(JD - 24.07.2017)

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